Corporate Plans

Today’s corporate world is ever-changing, dynamic and proactive. Adjustments and new business strategies are essential for the survival of companies that want to be successful. After the financial crisis of 2008, corporations have had to rethink their financial strategies conservatively to secure capital and investment for its shareholders.

Operate speculatively or foreseeable risks outside can mean bankruptcy or disappearance of many companies and senior corporate management. Seen as financial firms and other corporations of various industries with over 150 years of experience, closed or had to be liquidated, merged or acquired by a small fraction of their value, always at the expense of shareholders and investors.

Indeed it was the worst financial crisis in more than three quarters of a century worldwide, and we can still observe the consequences of this unfortunate event.

Among the most important elements of a corporation with a conservative sense is the protection of its financial capital as well as of its human resources. After all, it is human capital who makes it possible that corporations function and generate wealth for its shareholders. Persons as directors and other officials who in some way influence in a direct and important way with its different steps of work that attempts to generate a fortune for the company, are considered as “key employees”. Without them simply would not be productive enterprise. Like everyone else, key employees lead by nature itself, the ineherentes risks to human. If to this we add the factor risk of the industry to which they belong and the countries where they work, the overall risk on human capital can be surprising.

That is why many farsighted and conservative nature, businesses are protected now, investing in key human capital of the company, safe and guaranteed, thus shielding the generation and accumulation of wealth, all this at the same time that the company generates profits guaranteed and certain.

According to these new business strategies, the company has designed highly attractive corporate plans, with unique options on assignments or changes in ownership, offering some solutions to certain problems of life. Guaranteed investment at the same time afforded protection to key human capital of the company. The treatment of differential of adequate compensation that includes the benefits of protection and pension, as basic and innovative business strategy, are essential elements in today’s corporate world, to attract and keep the most valuable key and productive employees who necessarily have to have successful businesses today.

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